Arriving at the office with pockets full of dog biscuits and poop bags, I soon began to realise I was in the wrong profession…

Ok so I’m a bit crackers.. crackers about animals! As happy pants founder and owner I have been caring for domestic animals and wildlife my whole life, since my first albino Syrian hamster, Snowball, aged 4. I’ve had every pet imaginable from stick insects to pigs, from hundreds (literally!) of rabbits to, of course, dogs and cats! Just like you, my pets are my babies – my pigs featured in my wedding Marryoke and the dogs honeymooned with us! You won’t meet another pet sitter with this many furkids!



Over the last 10 years I’ve rescued many different animals and have helped rehabilitate many from a poor start in life, giving them the chance at the happy future they deserve. I currently own and run The Happy Pants Ranch sanctuary where over 100 rescue animals live including dogs, cats, turkeys, guinea pigs, pigs, tortoises, fish, ducks, rabbits and chickens! Follow all The Happy Pants Ranch sanctuary antics HERE!


My two dogs, Bertie and Ralph are, you could say, the inspiration behind happy pants and were the icing on the cake in giving me the final push to leave the smog of the big city behind me. So I headed for the hills, the great outdoors, with the wind in my hair and a pooper scooper in my hand. And I’ve never looked back…

I believe there’s no better way to learn than from first hand, hands on experience – something I’ve been doing for the last 20 years! But I’ve recently trained in First Aid for Pets, Dog Behaviour and Cat Behaviour, to give you (and me!) that extra peace of mind. And I’m also due to undertake an Animal Care Diploma and a level 3 Animal Care NCFE early 2012.



Over the years I’ve dealt with many animals from all walks of life, abused or abandoned, sick or injured and foster animals. I’ve dealt with difficult animals with behavioural issues right through to puppies without a care in the world!

You can feel at ease that any animal, furry or scaley, barking or squeaking, here on holiday or with me for just an hour a day, will be loved and cared for as if it were my own – and believe me, the permanent residents here have it way too good!