hoorah! happy pants headquarters is proud to be an official coll-eggtion point for Fresh Start for Hens, who help rehome hundreds of ex-commercial chickens several times a year, saving these beautiful girls from being slaughtered! Commercially, all hens are slaughtered at only 72 weeks old when their production drops below the 6 eggs a week that is required to make them commercially profitable – but they are still fantastic layers and perfect for pets and garden chicken keepers!


Fresh Start for Hens purchase the hens from farmers just before the slaughter date and so far the organisation has saved the lives of tens of thousands of hens since starting in 2011. A truly amazing cause! “Commercial hens” covers a number of varied prior environments: ex-caged, ex-barn and ex-free range. For all hen adoption days and rehoming updates pop over to the Rainham Fresh Start for Hens facebook page, here.


Many of the hens (even the ex-free rangers) come pale, feather-pecked and looking a little worse for wear – some have never seen grass or felt the sun on their wings.. But all they’re after is a little love and care and they’ll flourish into beautiful, friendly hens, laying you delicious REAL free range eggs!

All my hybrid chickens are ex-commercial hens and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

If you’re interested in keeping chickens and adopting some of these lovely girls then please click here for more details, the adoption process and future rehoming dates or visit: www.fsfh.org.uk


Once you’ve reserved your hens and made a donation they’ll be ready and waiting for you here, at The Happy Pants Ranch on the given coll-eggtion date! Ready for you to take them home where their new life can begin!