clcuksHome pet checks mean you’re pets don’t have the stress of moving to a strange environment and can stay at home where they’re happiest, while you jet off to let your hair down! happy pants can care for any animals whilst you’re out of town – anything from Billy the budgie to Betty the house bunny can be looked in on, fed and cuddled or anything else they require whilst you’re away on your jollies. As with Kitty Visits happy pants can also feed your fish, water your plants, open / close the curtains and take in your mail.


scalesHome pet checks are especially handy for pets with a more complicated set up, like reptiles for example with indoor vivariums and heat / light sources to consider, as well as outdoor animals such as tortoises, chickens and other poultry and waterfowl who are happiest in the comfort of their own home.


All Pet Checks home visits include cleaning of cages (if required), food (provided by you) lots of fuss and a cuddle or two. At least one visit per day is recommended.

Twice daily are available for those located within the Rainham area.hops


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