If Fred doesn’t need a walk, but just some human-type company and a loo break to avoid a damp carpet on your return, happy pants can pop by and say hi! (In doggy language of course.) A bark at the neighbour’s cat and a smell at your pansies will do him (and his bladder) the world of good!

All day visits include water, treats, a game of fetch or two and food (if required). TLC comes as standard.


There’s nothing more cute and adorable than a puppy! That is until you come home to “accidents” on the carpet and the stuffing chewed out of your sofa and with that butter-wouldn’t-melt look, you can’t get mad! Puppies need constant care and stimulation and if you’re not around to provide that, they’ll begin to explore their environment – usually with their mouth! But fear not, happy pants can help! I can walk, sit or arrange a stay ‘n’ play for your growing pup to take their attention away from your 3-seater!

Contact me to discuss your pups individual needs…