If Rover doesn’t have his bus pass happy pants has it’s own large and comfy vehicle perfect for safely and securely transporting your little (or large!) furry friend from A to B. So if Tom the cat needs to get to the vets or Spot needs his spots rubbing off at the grooming parlour, happy pants is more than happy to help.

I can offer a collection and drop off service (with waiting time if necessary) and you can accompany them too if you like!


For any K9 passengers the happy pants vehicle has a very spacious and light rear boot space fitted with a dog guard for your pooches safety and kitted out with cushions for their comfort! Any dogs travelling on the rear seat will wear a secure dog harness.

happy pants does not use cages or crates of any type for any K9 passengers.


The happy pants vehicle is also fully air conditioned so there’s no hot pants in the pet taxi – only happy pants!