here’s just a small sample of the things some of my clients have to say about me and the happy pants service…

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“fantastic service!”

Dr Davy reviewed on 8th March, 2013

“Amey is a star find. A true animal lover who goes out of her way to cater for a pet’s quirks and needs. My lovely blind cat was so well looked after; it really is a relief to find someone as reliable and lovely as Amey for when I have to travel. Have recommended her to everyone I know with animals.”


“a second happy panter now!”

Mrs Park reviewed on 27th February, 2013

“In addition to walking Dolly- Amey also helped us find a companion for her- she put us in contact with SOS Animals UK, and made a personal recommendation to them- so even though we couldn’t take Marvin on due to a long holiday- they were willing to wait for us to get back! We are now the proud owners of a lovely Saluki X boy called Marvin. Dolly and Marvin are inseparable now. Amey walks them both 3 times a week and I know they love going out with her- and meeting other dogs on their walks. I can’t recommend Amey enough to walk or take care of your animals.”


“parrot holiday boarding!”

Mrs Selves reviewed on 25th February, 2013

“A huge thanks to Amey for having our parrot Cairo for the last few days. It was lovely to get the Facebook updates whilst we were away and I felt relaxed knowing she was being so well cared for . Will definately use Amey’s services in the future. Thank you Happy Pants!”


“a real home from home!”

Ms Usmar reviewed on 24th Feb, 2013

“Amey looked after my four guinea pigs for a week while I was away. The timing couldn’t have been worse; mere days before I was due to drop them off, 5 year old Sooty was admitted to the vets, possibly for major surgery. In something of a panic, I contacted Amey, who was so accommodating, and prepared to make any adaptation necessary to ensure a swift recovery. Happily, Sooty managed to avoid surgery, but required medication for the duration of her stay with Amey, who went out of her way to accommodate Sooty’s needs.Meanwhile, my other three guineas thought they were in heaven! Amey kindly posted pictures on Facebook (with my permission), so I could see how well looked after they all were. It was a huge relief to know they were so happy in their holiday home.I can’t recommend Amey highly enough; she went above and beyond to make sure my pets were in the best possible environment, and I will definitely be returning to Happy Pants!”

“TWO happy doggies!”

Mrs Adams reviewed on 23rd February, 2013

“We contacted Amey when we were thinking about getting a rescue dog but wanted to see if we could find someone we trusted to walk our dog first. We realised that we had found someone we could trust and started to look for a dog, but we did not realise that Amey would also help us find a dog! Amey has been walking our dog Amy for 18 months now and when we got another dog Zeus we knew he would be ok with Amey popping in. Amey is great with our Dogs and deals with there strange little habits well, She also knows that I worry about the dogs so sends me texts after she has visited so that I know they are ok.”

“happy pets all round!”

Mrs Gordon reviewed on 23rd January, 2013

“I initially found Amey and booked Happy Pants to look after our two puss cats when we went away. After not going away for 4 years for not wanting to leave them after a bad experience with a cattery this was a big thing but Amey was fantastic, and completely put my mind at rest with the text updates and the photos on FB. Our dog Basil took to her instantly and she now also regulary walks Basil too. We wouldn’t know what to do without her. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Happy Pants!I’ve posted a recommendation before but to add to my previous comments, I want to say also how helpful Amey is with general advice regarding us walking our dogs, getting our pets integrated and feeding etc…Happy Pants is far more than just dog walking and kitty visits.”


“happy chins!”

Mrs Quadir reviewed on 17th January, 2013

Leaving our chinchilla’s with a complete stranger whilst we went on holiday was not something we took lightly but after scouring the net we decided on Happy Pants and we are glad we did as Amey has plenty of experience looking after all kinds of animals so clearly knows how to treat them, has been easy to communicate with and even reassures you by sending updates and pics of your pets whilst you’re away. The chins had a nice festive break of their own it seems! Would gladly recommend Happy Pants to those looking for a safe and caring environment for their pets to be looked after.”


“expanding brood and still happy panters!”

Mrs Monk reviewed on 16th January, 2013

Almost two years ago we made the decision to get a puppy from a rescue, at the time both my husband and I were working full time but I was only a few months from redundancy, my husbands work meant he could be in and out at different times of the day. We gave Amey a key to our house and with very little notice she would come round and entertain Rizzo for us, Rizzo adores Amey, literally will cry with excitement upon seeing her. Even after I finished work and had a year off we left our door key with Amey and she continued to walk and visit Rizzo for us if we were having a day out. After a year we added Ben, a rescue labrador to our house, although Amey has not walked him regularly she has been invaluable with walking both him and Rizzo on occasion and she continues to have a key. I am sure that if I needed her tomorrow that she would be hear to see to the doggies and put my mind at rest. It is worth a particular mention that when I had my second baby in 2012, I text Amey from the hospital and sure enough with zero notice she went round and walked and fed Ben and Rizzo. 5 star service from Happy Pants!”


“happy Poppy!”

Mrs Douglas reviewed on 12th January, 2012

In a few months time, it will have been a year since Amey started walking our dog Poppy. Being out at work all day, it’s great to know Poppy is going to go out on a walk in the care of Amey. Amey walks Pop twice a week, more or less if needed. Poppy loves her walks and Amey has even managed to socialise Pop with another dog, which is a big achievement for Poppy to get on well with another dog! Amey is completely flexible to our needs.. She can walk Pop at different times of day, evenings if needs be, when Pop was ill Amey came round to keep her company instead of a walk and Amey has even taken Poppy to the vets for us. When taking a well deserved holiday, Amey worked hard to ensure Pop wouldn’t miss out on walks and had a family member take over the role ensuring Poppy’s routine was maintained. We are pleased we have found such a trustworthy, friendly and reliable dog walker.”


“dog walking with happy pants”

Mrs Deeley reviewed on 8th December, 2012

“I would not have accepted my current job if I had not found Amey to walk my King Charles Cavalier. I have seen other services who offer a functional service ensuring your dog has been walked and toileted. But with Amey you know your pet is getting individual attention and great care. My dog has days when she is poorly and Amey will text me and let me know how she is. I get regular photos of her out on her walks. I have found Amey very reliable and accepting of last minute changes. A great service for anybody who wants the best for their pet.”


“A very happy panty dog!!”

Mrs A.Jeffery reviewed on 19th November, 2012

“Amey has been walking Freddie for over a year now and she is a god send. I work shifts and it was difficult to keep a consistant routine for freddie and make sure he got enough walkies…in came Amey with Happy Pants. She bonded really well with Freddie from the off. She is so friendly and genuine, i had no concerns about leaving Fred in her care. She is very flexible and helpful, which works well with my shifts which can sometimes change at short notice. He even gets to enjoy walkies with other happy panters which he loves.

I would recommend Amey to anyone. Dont know how i’d manage without her now.”


“happy Harley!”

Mr S.Bromley reviewed on 12th November, 2012

“My dog Harley the jack russell, needed walking in the day, twice a week, as i am out at work all day, he was being left for to long, and he goes to my parents the other days. I phoned Amey up and she came and visited me and Harley, with in minutes he was climbing all over her!! we then discussed all of Harleys needs and dislikes!! Amey now comes twice aweek or more at times, she is very trustworthy and has a key to the house. Harley is a much happier dog now and is generally tired out when I get home after his hours walk! Amey also texts me when she has got Harley and updates pictures of him on her facebook page which is a nice added bonus!! I am very pleased with Ameys work and i am sure Harley loves her!!!”


“Kitty visits”

Mrs.H. Stuart reviewed on 14th September, 2012

“We were looking for someone to look after our two cats Baz and Harry whilst we had a few days away and were lucky enough to come across Amey from Happy Pants. She visited the cats twice a day sending us texts and also posting photographs on Facebook which re-assured us that the cats were happy and in safe hands. She even watered the tomato plants and fed our fish. I can definitely recommend Amey and Happy Pants to anyone who wants to have their cats looked after at home and will definitely be using her again. And Baz and Harry say she is great as well!!”


“hen holidays!”

Mrs A.Fletcher reviewed on 28th August, 2012

“Amey was a wonderful find once we’d decided to take our whole family on holiday, with no-one left to hen sit. Our girls were so well looked after under her care, I don’t think they wanted to come back home! They made lots of new friends and were well and truly cared for. Thank you Amey for allowing us all(hens included) to have a lovely holiday.”


“Buddys walks”

Mrs H. Rixon reviewed on 14th August, 2012

“I would highly recommend Amey. She has been walking our Golden Retriever Buddy for a few months now and he loves going out with her. She gives him a long walk which he loves and with young children, I’m not always able to do, and he has made friends with Dolly one of the other dogs that Amey looks after. Buddy is always very happy and content once he has been out for a walk with Amey and usually spends the rest of the day fast asleep as he is so tired. 
When we first met Amey we were very impressed how kind she was and that she gave Buddy all her attention so he felt comfortable with her. When she took Buddy on his first walk she kept me up to date via text on how they had got on and sent me photos of their walk. Thank you Amey, you are a god send.”

 “happy pets!”

Mrs Z. Verhaeren-Roper reviewed on 8th August, 2012

“Having used Happy Pants services before I once again entrusted my babies into Amey’s care whilst I was away on holiday, and once again I wasn’t disappointed. Amey has looked after both my cats and my guinea pigs on several different occasions, with my piggles even staying very happily on The Happy Pants Ranch when we moved house! All my pets have been very well looked after with lots of fuss and cuddles and I have absolutely no problem with entrusting them or the keys to my house to Amey while I am away.Happy Pants is a fantastic service and I would recommend to anybody that needs their pets looking after, be it dog walking, home visits or animal boarding. I also buy lovely fresh free range eggs from Amey laid by her resident hens! All in all, 10/10 service. Thanks Amey!!!”


“Chicken holidays!”

Mrs Hollingdale reviewed on 1st August, 2012

“I sent my five Take That girls to happy pants for their chicken holidays for 16 nights in June. They were looked after so well and had such a great time they didn’t want to come home. Amey looks after all animals she has like they are her own and loves them all so much. I would recommend Amey and Happy Pants to anyone looking for a safe, reliable, loving and knowledgable pet sitting/boarding service. Thanks Amey and Happy Pants! 5* service on all aspects, I wouldn’t dream of using anyone else for any pet requirements I have in the future.”


“Fea’s doggy walking”

Miss Bee Reviewed on 1st August, 2012

“I’m very very pleased with the level of care that Happy Pants give to my little dog. She’s my baby and when I have to commute to London in the week, I couldn’t bear to leave her on her own for so long. Amey spends an hour with her, walking with her and playing with her, and my little girl absolutely adores her.
I’d highly recommend using the dog walking/sitting service.”


“bunny boarding”

J.Vaughan reviewed on 17th July, 2012

“I was quite nervous about leaving our rabbit Delilah with a pet sitter initally but from the very first phone call, I felt totally at ease and had total confidence in Amey. She clearly loves animals and really knows about animal welfare. We were thrilled to be able to keep in touch with Amey and our rabbit while we were away and it was lovely to see photos of our rabbit on her holidays and see she was happy and well cared for. It really put our mind at ease. I will definately be using Happypants and Amey again and I have no hesitation in recomending Happypants to anyone!”


“Happy Pants Chicken Holiday”

Mrs Foord reviewed on 3rd July, 2012“We would highly recommed Happy Pants for all your chook holiday needs. Our 4 girls stayed at Happy Pants for a week while we were in Devon. They were incredibly well looked after. We have had a few pecking problems amongst the girls and Amey at Happy Pants was able to advise on this and with our permission she started a new treatment for us which has been fantastic. Our Girls will be staying at Happy Pants again in July. Wonderful service and eggcellent (!!!) value!!”“Bunny Boarding

Mrs Triggs Reviewed on 22nd June, 2012

“Fantastic. This is the first time I used happy pants and will defiantly be using Amey again. She cares so much about all her animals and it is clear to see when you meet her. Ollie says thanks and will be staying with you again.”


“Happy Dickens!”

Mr. Duffy Reviewed on 21st June, 2012

“Amey from Happy Pants was already walking my first dog max, when I decided to get a rescue dog Dickens. Amey helped me find Dickens and has walked them both together whilst I’m at work since his arrival. Dickens loves getting out and about and it’s reassuring to know that he is in caring hands and well exercised. Amey has been fantastic walking both Max & Dickens, come rain or shine. I would recommend Happy Pants to any Dog owner.”


“Dog walking
Mr. Day Reviewed on 22nd June, 2012

“Amey is a very nice lady and animal lover. She walked my dog Tiger fo a few days while I was on crutches. Tiger recomends Amey and so do I.”


“Cat and Bunny sitting”

Ms Foster Reviewed on 22nd June, 2012

“Amey went out of her way to look after my cats and rabbits during my recent holiday. The cats were much less stressed than they usually are when I go away and she even dealt with awkward issues with my bunnies exceptionally well. I will definitely be using Amey again.”



Mrs Park Reviewed on 21st June 2012

“Amey has been visiting Dolly our Saluki/Lurcher X since April. Dolly is a rescue dog and has a few anxiety issues. We called on Amey’s services after my husbands job circumstances changed and was no longer around for most of the morning with her. 
Amey has been extremely kind and thoughtful with Dolly and goes above and beyond our expectations with her. Whenever Amey has been to visit- Dolly is calm, relaxed and contented when we come home from work. The walks in the daytime have made a real difference to her quality of life and I feel less guilty going out to work now, as I know she is in good hands. We have even called on her at short notice- as our family dogsitting fell through- she was more than happy to come over and take her out for an hours walk with her own two dogs (which Dolly loved!)
Highly recommended!!!”


“Bunny Holidays!”

R.Palmer Reviewed 21st June, 2012

“Amey cared for my rabbit while we were away, she has great facilities and looked after my rabbit very well. He enjoyed his stay at Happy Pants.”


Expanding brood & still Happy Panters

Mrs Monk Reviewed on 20th April, 2012

“Amey has been walking our dog Rizzo since we first bought her home almost a year ago, so when we decided to rescue a second dog we had no hesitation in inviting Amey round to meet him. I am no longer working but with two young children and a husband working long hours the occasional day comes up when we struggle to give the dogs the long walk they deserve, I have not once contacted Amey to ask if she can help and her not been able to do it. Recently I went into labour overnight and text Amey from the hospital the at 10am in the morning from the hospital and she was at our house with the dogs by lunch time. When we increased from one dog to two I expected to be paying double the cost but this was not the case, the prices are very reasonable and definately worth it for how relaxed and happy the dogs are after their walks!”


“My dog is a very happy panter!”

Mrs Douglas Reviewed on 15th April, 2012

Working full time, it’s been tricky making time for our dog during the day. Amey walks our dog Poppy twice a week. Poppy is very worn out on these days! I am very happy to leave Poppy in Amey’s care with confidence. Amey also helps Poppy get settled when getting back home. If muddy, Amey will towel dry her. And to help her settle, Amey gives Poppy a treat that we have left in the freezer for her. We are very happy with the service Amey is providing and I know Poppy is happy too!!  ”


“Rabbit boarding”

Mrs Padwick Reviewed on 2nd April, 2012

“I was very happy with the care that my three rabbits received whilst at Happy Pants. Amey was very helpful and understands rabbits’ needs (as well as many other animals she looks after!) so I was very pleased to leave my bunnies with her.”


“Fab walking services by a true expert who cares” 

Mrs Edwicker 18th February 2012

“Mavis, my rather crazy, highly strung, untrainable 6 month puppy/dog was on her final warning, when I luckily stumbled across Happy Pants. Amey was SO understanding and has not only transformed Mavis into a dog that the whole family now want to cuddle, but has been great at giving ongoing tips and tricks to help continue the transformation when shes not here! Amey goes out of her way to put our minds at rest that Mavis is being cared for, and she always comes home absolutely knackered!! Thank you Amey, keep up the excellent work, just dont get too busy lol.”


“Puss had a Happy Christmas”

Mr Rimmington Reviewed on 25th January, 2012

“Amey looked after Puss for 9 days over Christmas 2011 and gave her a lot of care and brushing. Puss is a very nervous rescue cat but really had a good time in Amey’s care. We came back to a very happy and relaxed Puss. It was also really nice and reassuring to receive updates and pictures of Puss while we were away. Thankyou Amey for looking after Puss so well and we will be using your service again this year.”


“Charlie and Fluffy’s (Chincilla’s) Holiday Pad”

Mrs Hodson Reviewed on 15th December, 2011

“For the first time I decided to allow my gorgeous chins a holiday of their own this year and found Happy Pants. Amey loves animals, she treats all vistors as her own and I have no hesitation using the Happy Pants ranch again, in fact their 2012 holiday is booked already including their sister Samy the Hammy. Fluffy and Charlie were in good health, clean and well fed when we collected them but I suspect a little too much fun was had as they appeared to be a little tired, to much partying!!! If you have any concerns or questions, call Amey, she is very helpful and will help no end.”



Miss Smith Reviewed on 12th December, 2011

“I found Happy Pants via a Google search when looking for somewhere to house small animals when I went away – and what a find Amey was! Absolutely wonderful, my 2 Degus were only 12 weeks old when they went to stay at Happy Pants, and within minutes of meeting Amey I knew I wouldn’t find a better holiday home for Corona and Sol. The Facebook and email updates are great, and Amey’s passion for taking the best care possible of animals in her care was evident from the other residents when I delivered my boys and how relaxed and happy they were. From dogs and cats, to guinea pigs, a tortoise and even 2 pigs in the garden! Corona and Sol are going back in February and I know they will get nothing but the best care – thanks Amey!”



Miss Broady Reviewed on 1st December, 2011

“This is the first time I used happy pants and will defiantly be going back. It was great getting updates and being able to see pics of my rabbits on Facebook. It so nice to meet someone who is just as mad able animals as I am. Very reasonable prices. Big thumbs up.”


“keep up the good work Amey!”

Mrs rowe Reviewed on 24th November, 2011

“I have used Amey at Happy Pants for only a little while, but in that time I have been very impressed at the Service Amey offers. I feel happy in the knowledge that Amey will look after my dog and I know that I can completely trust her. keep up the good work Amey!”


“Happy pants….very happy pets!” Miss Jeffery Reviewed on 23rd November, 2011

“What a find Amey is. I live on my own and have a very energetic year old westie. Amey is really friendly and enthusiastic. She really loves animals and I have no worries about trusting my Freddie to her care whilst I am at work. I get daily updates so i know he when he has been out and also pictures of his escapades! I work shifts and Amey has been really flexible to accommodate this. She even cleaned up one day when Freddie had an upset tummie! Would recommend her to anyone. Don’t know where she finds the time and energy!”


“Very Happy and Lucky Puppy” Mrs Maries-Glover Reviewed on 14th November, 2011

“Amey is so bubbly, such fun and has so much energy and enthusiasm. Her absolute love of all animals shines through and she is so totally dedicated and committed to her work. She has never ever let us down and is always so accommodating. We get an update after every visit – pictures too sometimes – and have never ever had any problem in getting or keeping in touch. We have a very happy – and lucky – puppy. Amey is a truly fantastic find – we couldn’t recommend her more highly.”


“Jess Loves Happy Pants” Miss clautour Reviewed on 26th October, 2011

“When looking for someone to walk an enthusiatic, energy ridden, disobedient but very cute Beagle puppy called Jess on an adhoc basis Happy Pants was an amazing find. Amey will go out of her way to help and has solved many “stuck in serious traffic” issues with last minute walkies!!! I wouldn’t even think about taking my business elsewhere!!!”


“Fantastic service!” Miss McDowell Reviewed on 13th September 2011

“Amey looked after my kitten Harry and 2 adult cats Louie and Millie whilst I was away on holiday. Had total peace of mind, the cats loved her! Had regular updates by text and facebook! I shall definitely recommend her service and use her again in the future!”


“Brilliant” Miss Williams Reviewed on 6th September, 2011

“My bichon frise Cookie loves going to visit Amey and her dogs and always comes back exhausted. It’s brilliant being able to check whats hes up to on facebook while I am at work!!“


“Kitty Sitting” Mrs Tillman Reviewed on 7th September, 2011

“It was great finding someone like Amey to look after my 12 year old persian who has never been to a cattery and is now too old to start going to one. Hopefully we can start having a few more odd days away knowing he is being well looked after. Thanks Amey from Jeffrey and me.”


“Excellent!” Mrs Fox Reviewed on 31st August, 2011

“Fantastic service ! My first contact with Amey found her ‘bathing a rescue battery hen’ now THAT sums her up- completely animal mad! Exactly the kind of person I needed to look after my cats:-) Excellent service included text messages and photos on facebook, but most of all I had peace of mind knowing that happy pants offer a professional service by someone who genuinely loves and understands animals. Thanks Amey – I will def be back!”


“Fab service = happy pets!!” Mrs Verhaeren-Roper Reviewed on 28th August, 2011

“We had never used a service like this before as usually my parents in law would look after our cat; however on this occasion they decided to holiday with us so we were a bit stuck! We knew Phat Boy would hate going to a cattery so I did a local search and found Amey at Happy Pants. We had a quick chat over the phone and then Amey came round to meet Phat Boy and she ended up staying for nearly 2 hours as we were chatting so much!! Phat Boy is a very wary cat and doesn’t take to strangers but he was more than happy to show off around Amey!! I had no worries at leaving Phat Boy knowing that Amey would be looking after him!! Amey came in twice a day and Phat Boy was well fed and pampered and even posed for Facebook photos! Amey also fed our fish and topped up the water! We were more than happy with the service Amey provided. Amey is clearly mad about animals and animals know when they are around a good person. I would definitely recommend Happy Pants to anybody and will be using this service again in the future! Thanks Amey!! ”


“Great!!” Mr Baker Reviewed on 24th August, 2011

“Good service , great value for money , pets are well looked after and you get updates via facebook with pictures in-case you want to see how your pets are doing while you are away.” 


“EXCELLENT” Mr keane Reviewed on 23rd August, 2011

“Amey at happy pants is a must for any pet owner going away.We left our 2 kittens at home while we went on holiday and Amey visited them daily to feed them and give them some attention.We could not have managed without Ameys help.She kept us updated with pictures whilst we was away which cheered the kids up hugely.Amey is a very friendly person that you feel you have always known her.She makes you feel happy and confident that your pets are in good hands.Amey is a person mad about animals and shows this in her caring personality.We will use Amey again and recommend her to anybody that needs help while away.She listens to what you want and delivers the best of services. A+”


“Dog Walking” Mr Carr Reviewed on 23rd August, 2011

“Amey has walked our dog Ernie for several months now. Often I call her at short notice which helps me out loads. Ernie gets on with her really well and always comes beck nice and tired!!!”


“Happy piggies” Mrs turner Reviewed on 14th August, 2011

“Thank you Amey! Ginger, Rocky and Rusty had a fab time at Happy Pants. They were well cared for and the children were over the moon to be able to see their guineas on their own holiday on Facebook! Fantastic service and will use again and have already recommended to others! Thanks again, Jayne, Freya and Harvey.”


“Thank you Amey at Happy Pants” Mr Ward Reviewed on 7th August, 2011

“We Left our 3 guinea pigs with Amey at Happy Pants when we went away for a week and they came back to us very HAPPY. Amey looked after them very well and and their surrounding are excelllent. Will be leaving them with Amey on our next Holiday. Thanks again Amey, Alan & Nancy and Susie,Bubble & Squeak.”


“Max Is Happy so I’m Happy” Mr DUFFY Reviewed on 17th July, 2011

“Having to now work from a clients office meant leaving my 9 month old Labradoodle Max at home. Max is very sociable and loves company so I decided to look for someone to visit him at home, take him for walks and feed & water him, as well as giving him company that he craves. I spoke to & met Amey of Happy Pants who was professional and had a real understanding of Max’s needs. Amey leaves daily updates and posts photos on facebook. Since Happy Pants has been looking after Max he is happy & content and when I return from work he greets me in a calm and relaxed manor. I would highly recommend Happy Pants to all pet owners and so would Max.”


“short notice” Ms Cunningham-Sherret Reviewed on 6th July, 2011

“I could not be happier about the service I received from Happy Pants. The taxi was waiting for me when I arrived at the vets to collect my dog Phaedra after surgery and she is a 10 month Rottie and she was treated really carefully and it was obvious to me that this is a company that cares about animals. Thanx for your help Sandra.”


“Bundles of fun” Miss Harcourt Reviewed on 20th June, 2011

“Amey at Happy Pants is the dog walker you’ve been looking for! She listens to what you and your dog need and makes sure that your dog gets all the fun and you get regular feedback, by text and through regular Facebook photo & video posts. Amey is knowledgeable and very accomodating. My dog loves her Happy Pants walks (except when it is raining of course) and I come home to a relaxed and happy hound.”


“A Happy Puppy” Mrs Monk Reviewed on 19th June, 2011

“We recently took the decision that we wanted to rescue a dog, however decided it was best to wait until I was giving up work in August…. that is until we saw our pup in a rescue and bought her home. Not ideal when we both work full time – that is until I started researching dog walkers and found Happy Pants. Great Price and a good r…ange of services and even better very flexible. My husband works from home a couple of days a week but the days vary, Amey is able to accomodate us sending her a text/email the day before and asking her to come the next day. At the moment pup hasnt finished her injections so she is having fun playing at home when Amey visits but is looking forward to being able to go on walks in two weeks time! Have already and will continue to recomended Happy Pants!”


“Happy Pants” Mrs Millgate Reviewed on 28th May, 2011

“As soon as we met Amey i knew we had found a real treasure . She is a very warm and friendly person .Our black lab is a bit of a baby and doesnt like to be left on his own for to long ,and as we had arranged to go to a concert in London it ment leaving him for a good few hours . We need not have worried as Amey sent a couple of texts to us during the eveningto let us know how things were so had complete peace of mind .We would recomend her to anyone ,i think Teddy would to.”


“Happy Pants Services” Miss carson Reviewed on 24th May, 2011

“We recently bought a King Charles puppy and being a lot more energetic than my 4 year old bulldog it was needless to say we needed to keep him entertained. I looked for local companys that would come to my house and take my 2 out for a walk during the day, its a hard decision to let someone into your home when you are not there but when i met amey i knew that i felt comfortable and i knew that she would spoil the dogs rotten, which i loved. She has always been on hand at last minute and accomodated us which is great. They both went for stay and play and by the photos they had a great time. I would certainly recommend Amey and Happy Pants to anybody.”


“Happy Pups!” Miss Clautour Reviewed on 22nd May, 2011

“I went away for a week to Cornwall recently, and I ususally come home at lunch to let the puppies out but my partner works too far away. I searched high and low for a dog walking service that looked reputable as opposed to some scally expecting me to give them a key and not really being sure that they’d actually walked them. I found Amey at Happy Pants and we went round to see her and her dogs. I felt totally at ease once I’d met her plus she uploads pics on facebook which helped me know my pups were happy and safe whilst I was away. Will definitely be using her again!”


“Great Service! Nice People!” Ms Cuttell Reviewed on 16th May, 2011

“Happy Pants has provided a great service by looking after our ageing dog (14 years old!)while we have been vacationing in the USA. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”


“Happy Pants = Happy Rat!!!” Mr Grossmith Reviewed on 5th May, 2011

“Hi, Our family pet Dumbo rat Sandy (who thinks he is anything but a rat!) spent a very happy and pampered 10 days with Amey at Happy Pants. The service Amey provided was exceptional and we loved the fact that with our approval we could get regular updates and pictures of Sandy’s stay on Happy Pants Facebook page (which helped my two kids as they missed him dearly, as did my Wife and I). Sandy was very well looked after, was given lots of cuddles and lots of love by Amey. Happy Pants is very reasonably priced and I would highly recommend Happy Pants to anyone. Sandy is already looking forward to his stay with Amey later in the year.”


“Thanks HappyPants for taking excellent care of my pet rats!” Miss Ashcroft Reviewed on 3rd May, 2011

“I would highly recommend Happy Pants to all pet ownersl. My rats had a great easter holiday and were given lots of attention and taken very good care of. Happypants went out of the way to meet me at the station and collect my rats, making it easy to access from London. Great value and a genuine passion for all animals big and small!”


“Thank you Happy Pants!” Mr Royer Reviewed on 1st April, 2011

“I had Happy Pants look after my guinea pigs whilst I was away and I was amazed at how well they’ve been cared for. Thank you so much!”


“Happy Pants = happy happy cats” Miss Firth Reviewed on 31st March, 2011

“I would highly recommend ‘Happy Pants’ to anyone wishing to have their beloved pets cared for whilst they are away. I felt at ease with amey, and knew that my boys (2 one year old kittens)would be in excellant care whilst i was away. I was very impressed with the many services the ‘Happy pants’ offer and was particularly pleased that my kittens were able to stay in their own home whilst amey came twice a day to tend to all their needs. I will definatly be using ‘Happy Pants’ again!”


“Guineapig glee” Miss Tutssel Reviewed on 31st March, 2011

“My guineapigs needed a holiday home while I went abroad. Amey at Happy Pants was great! She made me feel so comfortable, leaving my little fellas Bubble & Squeek with her. I couldn’t have asked for a better person for them to stay with. I will definitely recommend Happy Pants to anyone & will be using them again for sure!!!”


“very happy” Mrs pierce Reviewed on 30th March, 2011

“Our dog Lily has stayed with Amey at Happy Pants twice now and also as a “day play” she loved it there and didn’t sulk once. We choose a home boarder as we go away in Feb skiing and I believe its to cold for kennels even well heated one for my little Bichon. She got on fine with Bertie and Ralph and now considers them her best friends!”