The Happy Pants Ranch is a little safe haven for over 100 unwanted and abandoned animals. Since the sanctuary,  based in North Kent, was founded in 2011 it has helped save, rescue and rehome over 200 animals.



hpr7Owned and run solely my me, Amey, The Happy Pants Ranch is home to many different species of animals with all one thing in common – they were rehomed or given up by their previous owners. Turkeys, pigs, chickens, ducks, guinea pigs, rabbits, skinny pigs, dogs, cats, cockerels, chcikens and tortoises all reside here on The Ranch happy knowing they can now be happy and well cared for for life because “what happens on The Happy Pants Ranch, stays on The Happy Pants Ranch.”



All the animals here have a story to tell: a pig that was living in a tent on a building site, a turkey seized by the rspca as part of a cruelty case, guinea pigs unwanted after they could no longer be used for breeding, chickens destined for slaughter from egg farms, pigs that were kept in appauling living conditions, a dog so broken by humans he would’nt let anyone near him….. And although most of their tales have a really heartbreaking beginning, one thing is for sure… on The Happy Pants Ranch their stories all have a happy ending!


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So juuuuust incase you hadn’t guessed  – I’m nutty about animals and very passionate about their welfare! The Happy Pants Ranch facebook page is a place for people who share this love for ALL animals, helping to give them the voice they need to be cared for properly. I believe animals are for loving and enriching our lives as we, in return enrich theirs. There’s no place in my world for animal abuse, neglect or abandonment – not on a dinner plate, draped around someones neck or in cages in laboratories. hpr9They deserve better than that. Here you can follow all the happy tails on The Ranch

The Happy Pants Ranch is helping to spread the word that rescue pets do make the best pets! Pet shops are great for buying food and accessories, but I believe there’s far too many unwanted and homeless pets in rescues up and down the country – and across the world – for anyone to warrant breeding or selling animals to make a profit.



The Ranch is completely self-funded and non-profit, with no volunteers or government contributions so, without the wonderful support from the public and kind donations, everything The Happy Pants Ranch has done and will continue to keep doing for animals, would not be possible.


Anyone able and wanting to send a donation  – no matter how big or small – to the animals here on The Ranch can do so….

via paypal: amey@happypants.co.uk ref: “ranch donation” or click here.

via BACS: “The Happy Pants Ranch” 30-98-97 40133168