Need to cure your bored pooch and give the chewed slipper a rest? To your dog a daily walk is EVERYTHING – a chance to run, play, sniff, cock-a-leg and sniff some more! All vital to any mutt’s happiness…

I pride myself on being a responsible dog walker and giving all dogs in my care my full attention (and hopefully having theirs!) so I’m not large pack walker and only take out small groups of compatible dogs. For your (and my own) peace of mind all group walks take place at The Happy Pants Paddock – a private fully enclosed 3 acre field in Rainham.

Due to high local demand I only cover a small area of Medway, specialising in walks in Rainham, Hartlip, Upchurch, Wigmore and Parkwood only which means everyone spends less time travelling and more time enjoying the great outdoors!


paddockDoes you dog have poor recall?

Do you long to let it off lead but can’t?

happy pants is one of the few local dog walking services that has full exclusive access to it’s very own private dog walking paddock! 3 acres of fully secure grassland where all sociable dogs go off lead to do as they please – for those pooches that are full of energy they can play, race around and go dog gone crazy! Or if they’re feeling more chilled, can opt for a gentle stroll and a sniff around The Happy Pants Paddock instead, plus many other benefits..

  • No other unknown dogs
  • No litter
  • No other dogs poops
  • No public to worry about
  • No chance of any dogs running off
  • Fab for dogs with poor / no recall

I’m relaxed, the dogs are relaxed so everyone can just kick back and have a woof time!



There’s nothing better than a stretch of the legs, a sniff at the grass and some bird chasing in the open air to help break up your dog’s day while you’re out. Rex can enjoy bounding around the fields with the pack (usually between 1-5 others), filling his little lungs with fresh air and doing his own social networking (less Facebook, more Bumsniff). All group walks take place at The Happy Pants Paddock in Rainham.

Due to high demand groups walkies spaces are of limited availability, so get in there quick to avoid having to disappoint little Rex!



If your K9 companion is more of a Lone Ranger than part of the crowd, then a one-to-one walk can be arranged. Most solo walks take place from your house and will be a leashed pavement walk or at The Happy Pants Paddock.

Please note: solo walks are very limited availability.



85% of most dog’s behavioural issues are helped and even cured by increasing the dogs mental and physical stimulation, so more walks = a better behaved dog, both indoors and out… So if you have a problem pooch, then I can help!  From common problems such as over excitement, hyperactivity, bad toileting habits through to those that have a fear of traffic, separation anxiety and nervousness.

Regular walks and positive training with me could significantly improve things. I can also help with basic training such as recall, sit, stay, wait, leave etc if you’d like me too. I ONLY believe in positive training, so lots of praise, cuddles and treats a plenty!



For any K9 passengers the happy pants truck has a very spacious and light rear boot and back seat spaces both fitted with dog guards for your pooches safety and kitted out with cushions for their comfort! All dogs from different households travel separately in the vehicle.

The happy pants vehicle is also fully air conditioned so there’s no hot pants in the pet taxi – only happy pants!