funUnfortunately I can’t work miracles, however happy pants never says never and believe ALL dogs can be good. With the knowledge and experience of dog handling I have, any time spent with your ASBO mutt will reinforce positive training methods, teach manners and try to discourage trademark bad habits such as barking, jumping up and pulling on the lead. Most dogs behaviour significantly improves when their daily exercise increases!



How long you choose to leave your dog it entirely up to you, but happy pants recommend being left alone for no longer than 3-4 hours, depending on the individual dog/s. Not only does a walk provide vital toileting, but also gives physical and mental excercise for Spot! No one wants to come home after a long day at the office to a dog wound up and as tight as a spring and rearing to go, when all you want to do it sit back and relax in front of the goggle box!



Solo walks and home visits are available for the more anti-social pooches. On-lead walks are a must and muzzles can be worn if required. For most dogs this stems from fear and anxiety around other dogs – I can work with Fred to gradually build his confidence with other dogs and eventually introduce him to other calm, non-threatening pooches. Feel free to discuss your individual needs and I will endeavour to help – happy pants doesn’t  believe in lost causes!



Come rain or shine happy pants can walk your pooch whatever the weather! Despite the immensely tropical climate of sunny Kent, rain is inevitable and unfortunately unavoidable. So be it hot and sunny or cold and wet Rover will have his walk – just have a towel (or hairdryer!) handy at the door for our return to avoid a muddy paw-printed persian rug! Little doggy coats are advisable, just leave them by the lead.


If the unexpected arises (as these things often have a habit of doing) just let me know as soon as possible your situation and I’ll see what we can do. There are no doggy problems, only doggy solutions!



Don’t worry, it’s natural to feel like that – he is the love of your life after all. I will, if you like, provide a text update after visits / walkies, just to let you know how (wonderfully) we got on. And of course photos and updates are always available on facebook. Once you’ve met me I guarantee you’ll feel you’re leaving your dog in very capable paws – as a dog mummy myself I know how you feel!


outdoorTrue, but not only is happy pants a friendly, responsible, trustworthy and honest company run by one very trusting (and Northern!) individual but I’ve also been police / CRB checked, am fully insured and have glowing references / reviews… you have nothing to worry about!